Need a copywriter skilled in HR, Recruiting & SaaS? Let’s talk!

If you sell products and services to HR or Recruitment professionals, you need a writer who speaks the specialized language of Human Resources and related functions. I was once your customer, so I speak that language fluently—and I love technology!

With 20+ years of hands-on experience, either using or implementing HR & Recruiting systems, I understand who your customer is and what they need. (Remember: I was once your customer!) During my career, the roles I filled grew from individual contributor to senior leadership.

Yet they all involved managing information.

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How does that benefit you?

By working with Writing 4 Business, you get targeted help with your SaaS, HCM and HR content (and other) needs with a focus on trends and best practices! As a copywriter, I specialize in writing for HR & Recruiting SaaS providers, delivering high-quality copy and content for a range of clients. Reach out today if you need help writing:

√   Blogs & Articles

√   Technology or Other Case Studies

√   Press Releases, e-Books, email campaigns–& more!

Having worked in multiple industries with differing technology needs and budgets, I know that your HR & Recruiting customers each have unique needs—needs which vary based on their individual responsibilities and the industries they serve.

While I was still a customer of HR SaaS providers, I played a key role in Human Capital Management (HCM), Human Resource Information System (HRIS) and Human Resource Management System (HRMS) functions which included:

  • HCM/HRMS Needs Assessments  
  • HCM/HRMS Research & Selection  
  • HCM/HRMS Implementation & Performance  
  • HCM/HRMS Vendor Relations

I know–firsthand–how critical each of these is to HR & Recruiting operations.

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Leverage my expertise & education!

I invite you to leverage my business expertise for your own benefit. When it comes to overall (or project) management and leadership, I’m uniquely versed in HR, Talent Acquisition, Payroll, HCM and Administrative operations. That’s true whether you run a for-profit, nonprofit, unionized or non-unionized organization.

I bring years of expertise to every business project, delivering content and copy writing services of value to, for example, SaaS providers in the HR & Recruiting fields. Rely on me to write, rewrite or weigh in on topics involving: emergency communication, legal documentation, policies, procedures, in-house (or client) training and more.

Education and related experiences include:

  • Master of Science (M.S.), HR Management  
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bilingual Multicultural Studies  
  • HR Certification Institute SPHR designation (1998 to 2016)  
  • Adjunct Prof., Graduate HRCI Test Mastery Course (St. John Fisher College)
  • Adjunct Prof., Undergrad HR courses (i.e., SUNY-Brockport, Bryant & Stratton)

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Click HERE to learn how I can help you with a range of B2B writing needs or to simply schedule an initial consultation! And click HERE to follow my blog!

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